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17 February 2012

England holidays offer 'good value'

Many Britons will now be considering where to book a holiday for the coming spring and summer season.

Traditionally, people have looked abroad to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing break. However, the popularity of British holidays is seemingly increasing, meaning that now could be a better time than ever for people to turn their sights to the UK.

One of the places that is sure to attract many tourists is the Lake District, where there are a number of guided walking holidays available.

Furthermore, Britain is now offering good value for its holidays, with Kurt Janson from the Tourism Alliance noting that the current economic climate has led many people to book holidays on British soil.

He particularly stated that areas outside of London could see extra numbers of holidaymakers during the Olympics, with Cumbria, an area that encompasses the Lake District, expected to benefit.

"The indications that I am getting from outside London in the regions, the [likes of] Cornwall, Cumbria - that type of thing - [the amount of] bookings they have got at the moment are the same, if not more, than last year," Mr Janson explained

He added that there has been a significant rise in the number of people who have chosen to stay in the UK to embark on holidays, with visitor figures increasing by around eight per cent and expenditure rising by 14 per cent.

Mr Janson continued: "When the overall economy isn't moving at all and we are producing growth in revenue terms of 14 per cent, that is an enormous vote of confidence in theUK product."

With these comments in mind, the Lake District looks set to be highly appealing this summer, as its picturesque trails and beautiful surroundings are sure to draw in many UK residents who want to take a break from their lifestyle.

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