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30 June 2011

The World of Beatrix Potter sets up special summer trail

Guests of hotels near The World of Beatrix Potter will be able to participate in a special trail this summer, designed to help celebrate the attraction's 20th birthday.

Starting on July 28th and running until the end of August, the trail will require participants to visit a number of sites associated with Beatrix Potter.

A total of 35 locations will be on the map and are situated in various places throughout Cumbria, giving those staying at hotels in Lake Windermere an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Each destination will have a marker indicating how many points it is worth and a punch which must be used on the entry form to prove the group has been there.

Participants must collect a minimum of 50 points before returning their form to The World of Beatrix Potter and waiting to see if they have won a prize.

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