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11 May 2012

Bodelwyddan Castle offers the ideal day out in North Wales

Narrowing down luxury spa break options to that one ideal package can be a time-consuming task for Britons.

However, the decision could be made a lot easier once people look at the remarkable array of things to do in the beautiful North Wales region, where they can enjoy an excellent combination of history and culture.

Hectic, uncomfortable city streets are replaced by visually stunning views in the area, which has become a favourite among UK citizens who want a holiday package on their own turf.

Among North Wales' list of fantastic attractions is Bodelwyddan Castle, which is located in Denbighshire.

The site is situated in 260 acres of magnificent parkland, boasting large garden areas alongside natural woodland. 

Much of this is open to visitors, who can take the opportunity to explore a range of wildlife across a number of paths, giving people options to either enjoy a relaxing stroll or a more comprehensive visit.

Not only is the castle beautiful to look at, but it is also packed with history, including an area of practice trenches that date back from the First World War.

These were used to prepare new soldiers for the rigors of modern warfare and were situated near the Kimmel Park Camp, which is only a short distance away from the castle.

Alongside its eye-catching grounds, the castle also gives visitors the chance to look at a number of insightful exhibitions, including Blooming Marvellous, a work by Pauline Stanley.

It will be on display until July 8th and is a collective project that has seen nearly 2,000 participate in its development of a knitted garden.

These have ranged from people aged between 2 and 99, including both experts in the field and newcomers.

To add to this, the castle also has its own museum, where visitors will be able to gaze at a number of fantastic portraits from 19th century art collections, as well as coveted sculptures from the Royal Academy of Arts.

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