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18 May 2012

Cotswold Playhouse announces summer events

Cotswold Playhouse has announced its listings for the summer season, with many events sure to lure in travellers from across the country for a one night spa break.

The venue is brimming with productions from numerous different genres, meaning that individuals have the opportunity to witness a variety of fantastic theatre.

One of the shows scheduled for the season is When We Are Married, which will open at the Cotswold Playhouse on 19th June.

Devised by JB Priestley, the narrative is set in the sitting room of Alderman and Mrs Joseph Halliwell, who are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary along with two other couples.

However, issues arise when the organist visits the Alderman, finding that the minister who married them 25 years previously is worried that he may not have been authorised to carry out the ceremony.

The event will be showing until June 23rd, meaning that those who want to see the show will have to act quickly in order to pick up tickets.

Nevertheless, if they do miss out, not all is lost, as there are an assortment of other shows taking place in the near future.

One of these is Cold Comfort Farm, which will be shown exclusively on June 29th.

The comedy centres on Flora Paste's quest to unearth her family's roots, leading to a sophisticated London girl being acquainted with people from the Cold Comfort Farm, which is a far cry from her usual surroundings.

Intertwining romance with comedy, the show has much to offer for theatre aficionados.

Later in the summer season, Calendar Girls will also launch at the Cotswold Playhouse.

Opening on September 12th, the show follows the adventures of a group of Yorkshire women, who decide to pose for a charity calendar, providing them with more public exposure than they expected.

To add to the fantastic theatre events, the Cotswolds are also home to some of the UK's greatest scenery.

Beautiful hills and tranquil lakes make up the area's spectacular landscape, which people can explore through a number of excellent designated trails.

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