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28 April 2011

Endangered fish transported by llamas in the Lake District

Guests of luxury hotels in the Lake District may have witnessed a rather unusual sight earlier this week, as llamas were used to transport fish to a higher altitude.

The Environment Agency warned that vendace fish could fall victim to the effects of climate change and enlisted the help of the four-legged creatures.

It explained that the 25,000 fish were being relocated to an area that is not accessible by car, so by using llamas, the experts were able to carry out the task at hand, while also keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum.

"By introducing these vendace into Sprinkling Tarn, where water temperatures will be lower, it will provide an additional element of safeguarding for this endangered species," noted Andy Gowans, fisheries technical specialist for the Environment Agency.

In recent days, visitors to hotels in Windermere were informed of changes to boat registration regulations, which now mean that vessels on the Small Ships Register are now subject to a fee.

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