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18 August 2010

Guests in Lake District hotels encouraged to see piranhas

Guests staying in hotels in the Lake District are being invited to get up close to piranhas.

The Lakes Aquarium, which stands on the shores of Lake Windermere, is offering visitors the chance to learn all about the fish it believes are much-maligned.

People will be given daily talks on the piranhas, which will aim to shatter a few myths surrounding these creatures.

This is likely to be popular with guests in Lake District hotels, as it coincides with the launch of the new horror movie Piranha 3D, which stars Kelly Brook, Christopher Lloyd, Adam Scott and a host of other big names.

The new film is a remake of the 1978 movie Piranha, which featured Bradford Dillman and Heather Menzies in the lead roles.

Visitors to the Lakes Aquarium will find out that the fish are not as deadly as is widely believed, as talks team leader Dave Conway has lived to tell the tale of when he paddled in a pond full of piranhas.


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