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30 March 2012

Visit the mesmerising Abbey House Gardens in the Cotswolds

Now that the hazy sunshine has arrived early for Britons, people will feel more encouraged than ever before to select one of the delightful spa breaks in the Cotswolds.

The region has become a keen favourite for many holidaymakers in the UK, thanks to its idyllic surroundings and its warm, welcoming atmosphere, which means that visitors will feel at home as soon as they set foot into the region.

Away from the rush and panic reserved for most city centres, the Cotswolds gives people ample opportunity to explore exceptional scenery, endearing community shops and a host of other attractions.

On top of the region's natural beauty, the location features a selection of Britain's top gardens, including The Abbey House Gardens.

The premises boasts a wide selection of fantastic flowers, with 447 varieties spread across the site, including Crocus, Early Tulips, Camelias, Promroses and Heathers.

The property is owned by Ian and Barbara Pollard, who originally purchased the land in 1994, before opting to turn it into a large garden in 1996.

"We are happy to share our environment with others – what would be the point of creating something lovely if no-one saw it? – and to work to the best of our ability to create a visitor experience is as good as it can be," they said.

The site was empty for three years following the departure of its previous owners, meaning that a significant amount of work had to be completed for it to be transformed into the majestic land that it is today.

People who travel down to the gardens before April 10th will also have a chance to see an outstanding art exhibition by Liz Watts and Susan Thompson.

Entitled A Garden of Delights, the event includes sculpture pieces, ceramic and a number of watercolour compositions, providing people with an extra reason to make a late trip to the Cotswolds.

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