Book Independent. Be individual. Stay Inspired.

As we travel through life and live through travel – both our outer and inner voyages – here’s our travel trunk, all packed, to help you stay inspired.

Travel isn’t a cure, it’s a privilege, and also a right. One of the timeless reasons to travel is that it puts us in touch with the person we don’t know how to be nor perhaps think we need to be. Journeys can be judicious, generous teachers. Through travel we grow into ourselves.

Britain offers sensuality and surprise, the serious and the irreverent, the dignified and the downright silly. Britain is more peculiar and pedantic and bloody marvellous than you think you think. So gawp more. Be more foreign. These Isles have their own Parthenons.

PS. Our Britain is one of many Britains. (As many as there are people on this planet.) What’s your Britain?

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